Document Recognition SDK

■ Able to support 15 languages and multiple platforms
■ Average time for recognition of a document less than 6 seconds
■ Character recognition rate higher than 96%
■ Available for a variety of programming languages

Able to support 15 languages

In OCR industry, we are known as the best Chinese Optical Character Recognition developer, but that’s only a small part of what we can do。 Our OCR engine is able to support 15 languages, including: English, Chinese(Simplified, Traditional), Japanese, Russian and European languages (German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, and Dutch)。

Can be integrated with multiple platforms

Our Optical Character Recognition SDK is able to integrate with iOS (iOS 6 and above), Android (2.3 and above), PC (Windows XP and above, and Linux) platforms.

Those who trust us

Until now, our OCR technology have been applied to various industries, and we have sold our Document Recognition to a famous online shopping website called

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